Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Solar?
Community Solar is a local energy option that makes solar power available to renters and homeowners with no up-front costs or expensive solar panels. Our community solar gardens across New York generate power from the sun and deliver it into the National Grid power grids.
How does the Neighborhood Sun program work?
Your National Grid account will be linked to Neighborhood Sun. This generates solar credits on your National Grid bill, reducing the amount you owe to National Grid – and you’ll save with up to a 10% discount from Neighborhood Sun for those credits.
Do I need to own my home or apartment to participate?

Nope! Renters and homeowners alike have access to savings with our solar energy; and remember—no installation necessary!

Do I need to install panels on my roof or property?

No solar panels or installations necessary. It’s simple to get started with no additional sign-up fees.

Are there any sign-up fees?

It’s free to enroll, with no upfront costs. If you choose to cancel for any reason, or move out of National Grid’s service area, there’s no fee to cancel.

How much can I save?

You’ll save up to 10% on your monthly electricity costs when you pay your normal electricity bill via credit card or ACH. Either way, your savings are guaranteed.

What happens to my utility account?

Nothing. You’ll continue to have an account with National grid, and start to save money.

How do I see my savings?

Each month, customers will see solar credits on their utility bill for the portion of solar power allocated to their account. Customers will receive one consolidated bill from their utility, showing their credits and 10% discount.

Where can I find my account number?

Your existing utility account number can be found on your National Grid utility bill or by signing into your utility account online.

Are you an electricity supplier (ESCO)?

No, Neighborhood Sun is a community solar acquisition and management organization, which is not the same as a third-party retail energy supplier. Instead, Neighborhood Sun provides solar electricity to your utility company and you get a credit for the value of the electricity generated on your behalf. Your discount is also guaranteed for up to 20 years, unlike retail energy suppliers who offer short-term savings and can change rates often.


What's the catch?

There is none. National Grid remains your electric company. As a member of Neighborhood Sun, you’ll simply receive monthly savings automatically.

I have other questions - whom should I ask?

You can call us at (518) 290-7502. We’re available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

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